Treat yourself to art at Art Shopping!

Treat yourself to art at Art Shopping!

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At the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris you are in a neighbourhood where art is everywhere, in the buildings, arthouse and experimental cinemas, bookstores, antique shops and galleries. However, from May 24th to 26th, 2019, we invite you to cross the Seine to the Carrousel du Louvre, where you can take part in the Art Shopping event.

Art Shopping; a certain spirit

For its 24th edition, Art Shopping has not changed the winning formula that has made it such a huge success. At this international fair of contemporary art, you’ll find talented artists and gallery owners on hand to chat about the works on display. Passionate art buffs come to get a feel for the latest trends and casual buyers find themselves repeatedly tempted to splash out on some of the original work on offer. Because at Art Shopping, art becomes accessible due as much to the proximity with the artists as the good prices. Register on the event website and receive your Pass for this 2019 edition.

What to see? What to do?

Art Shopping features contemporary artists including painters, sculptors and photographers. Part of the fair is also devoted to digital productions and visual and sound performances - even if they are more difficult to install at home! Go to the event’s website to plan your visit and gather information on the exhibiting artists. Or you may simply prefer to wander and leave it to serendipitous chance. The event encourages everyone to take their own approach to obtaining art!

Hard-core collector, curious, or neophyte; everyone finds their place in the aisles of the great international fair called Art Shopping. Uninhibited, open, welcoming and based on the exchange between artists and their public, this fair brings out the patron in each of us!


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