A great Parisian museum; the Musée du Luxembourg

A great Parisian museum; the Musée du Luxembourg

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If you have a fondness for modern and contemporary art, then the chances are you have already visited the Musée d'Orsay and the Centre Georges Pompidou. However, you might not have thought about checking out the slightly lesser-known Musée du Luxembourg and its exceptional setting. An excellent new exhibition, The Nabis and the Decor, offers the perfect excuse to do so!


The Musée du Luxembourg is an exceptional place

Built by the early 17th century French queen Marie de Medici, the Palais du Luxembourg and its beautiful gardens have, over time, been given to the people of Paris. Today, the gardens are one of the favourite places to relax for Parisians and the Palais houses the Senate and a superb museum. During your stay at Les Bulles de Paris, enjoy the fifteen-minute stroll there along some of the most beautiful avenues of Paris, and discover this major exhibition for spring, 2019.


The Nabis and the Décor exhibition shows the birth of contemporary decor

A mission of the Musée du Luxembourg is to host major temporary exhibitions devoted to modern and contemporary art. The magnificent spaces of the Palais have served as a showcase for the works of Tintoretto, Rubens, Pissaro, and even Fragonard. From March 13th to June 30th, the Nabis are in the spotlight. This late 19th century avant-garde group of artists sought to abolish the boundaries between fine art and the decorative arts with soft lines, vibrant colours and lively themes. Movement, composition, colour; they used all the tools at their disposal to give birth to a contemporary décor that was full of life, bright and original. A new stylistic grammar was developed via paintings, etchings, fans, screens, stained glass and tapestries.

A short walk from your Hotel Les Bulles de Paris, the Musée du Luxembourg offers an exciting and relaxing experience. From the exhibition dedicated to the Nabis to the flower-filled gardens, discover this haven of tranquillity in the heart of Paris.



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