A partnership; our Bar and the Limonaderie de Paris

A partnership; our Bar and the Limonaderie de Paris

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Your Hotel Les Bulles de Paris invites you to experience a refined and friendly setting in the heart of the Latin Quarter. To welcome you to our Parisian way of life, we have created meeting and sharing spaces; places of relaxation such as our Bar. In addition to champagne, we suggest you try the drinks produced by the Limonaderie de Paris... Indulge yourself!


The Limonaderie de Paris at the Bar

Although the temptation is to sip champagne throughout the day, it’s a good idea to take a regular break from alcohol. This is the reason why our head bartender has been particularly careful in selecting for you a top-quality range of soft drinks. He’s placed his trust in an Ile-de-France company, an enterprise freshly born from the desire of a local entrepreneur to develop fine products that are Made in France. The design and production of the Limonaderie de Paris soft drinks all takes place on the edge of Paris, in Nanterre!


Refreshing and sparkling flavours

You’ll understand, of course, that here at the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris we love bubbling nectars. So, when it comes to sparkling soft drinks, it was a no-brainer to choose the products full of panache and freshness offered by the Limonaderie de Paris. Among the flagship productions are a regular cola and a particularly tasty sugar-free cola. For sheer exquisite fruitiness, in addition to the classic lemonade we offer a couple of drinks that are new for 2020; kiwi and grapefruit. Enjoy them in the intimate and refined setting of our Bar!

At the Hotel Les Bulles in Paris, we’re used to working with the biggest champagne houses. We discovered the same pleasure in chatting with the Limonaderie de Paris and in tasting their original, tasty and refreshing drinks!



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