Bulles de Paris; a tasty room service option!

Bulles de Paris; a tasty room service option!

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The temple of Champagne known as Les Bulles de Paris offers a room service that combines hearty servings and excellence, savoury pleasures and sweet whims. Choose our hotel for your stay in the heart of the French capital and relish every moment you spend in our establishment!


Our room service will satisfy your appetite

What could be more pleasant during a stay at our hotel than to relax in your room and take advantage of the room service? So that we can meet your every wish, the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris, in partnership with a nearby restaurant, has come up with a room service menu filled with delicious treats to make your mouth water. The hardest part will be choosing between the gourmet offerings, because we provide a feast of tasty items such as homemade foie gras, Parisian ham and Brie de Meaux. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll delight in our homemade tarte tatin. And if you’re really hungry, you can indulge in a hearty burger with fries, or a club sandwich. Take advantage of the privacy of your cosy room in our hotel and satisfy your appetite!


The Bulles de Paris; champagne in the spotlight

Located in the vibrant, bohemian, intellectual and historical district of the 5th arrondissement of Paris, on the Left Bank, the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris is resolutely unique. The entire establishment pays tribute to champagne, the sweet and sparkling nectar synonymous with celebration, lightness and sensuality. In addition to room service, available from noon to 23:00, the hotel has a champagne bar known for its rare grape varieties and luxury cuvées. Relax and sharpen your palate at the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris during your stay in the capital!