Exciting journeys offered by the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris

Exciting journeys offered by the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris

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The new hotel, Les Bulles de Paris, is distinguished by the sparkle of its unique concept. From the vaulted cellars up to the panoramic terrace this effervescent establishment is designed around the inexhaustible theme of Champagne. One of the things that makes us bubble over with delight is the opportunity to offer our guests great ideas for getting off the beaten track and seeing Paris from a fresh perspective. You’re invited to discover some enchanting views of the splendours of Paris and its surroundings.

A Fontainebleau Balloon

This has the shape of a bubble or perhaps a drop of pink champagne in the sunset. Never at a loss for metaphors, the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris is delighted to suggest something that will take your breath away and make you feel you are walking on air. Climb into the basket of a balloon and be whisked up to dizzying heights from which you can admire the elegance of the Château de Fontainebleau, and the poetry of the nearby forest where beeches spread their foliage like shimmering lace.

By helicopter to Versailles

How can we forget, however, that one of the first experimental flights of a Montgolfier balloon was launched from the Chateau de Versailles? Now you can fly there, and back to Paris, via helicopter on an exclusive private journey that will give you the most astonishing views of the city, as well as the royal park, and the incomparable harmony of its parterres, fountains and charming groves.

The sources of Champagne

For the less adventurous, the hotel can offer a more sedate journey to the source of our bubbles; the Champagne region, where the Benedictine monk Dom Perignon gathered the fruit of divine inspiration. You can browse the subterranean galleries and cellars where the most famous drink in the world develops to fizzing perfection. And you’re sure to enjoy a grand tasting finale!

Cruise on the Seine

The most romantic sound in the world is the popping of a champagne cork aboard a cruise boat sailing on the Seine. At the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris we can provide our guests with an illuminated cruise along the city’s legendary waterway; the living soul of Paris, which reflects all the images of her past.

Paris in "Deudeuche"

For the nostalgic, the hotel offers a fun-filled retro ride through Paris in an iconic Citroen 2CV, to meet the main monuments and a certain air of yesteryear. Seated within the famous "Deudeuche", driven by your guide, you’ll get to know one of the most singular expressions of French engineering ever created.

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