Take an excursion to discover Champagne with the Bulles de Paris

Take an excursion to discover Champagne with the Bulles de Paris

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Light, sparkling, mesmerising; Champagne is the favourite drink to accompany happy announcements and warm celebrations. So you can better experience the delights of this fabulous beverage, treat yourself to an excursion to the Champagne region, the cradle of bubbly bliss, or a Parisian getaway.


Discover the secrets of the Champagne region

The Hotel Les Bulles de Paris, in collaboration with Oenosphère, offers you a superb stay in the Champagne region, so you can deepen your knowledge of this favourite drink. On the itinerary is an exploration of the vineyards of Champagne, allowing you to learn much more about the traditions and savoir-faire associated with this drink. You’ll learn how to pop a cork elegantly. There will also be a visit to Reims, the capital of the region, and an opportunity to taste the finest local grape varieties. Everything is taken care of during this fascinating day, from the car that picks you up at the Bulles de Paris, to lunch and a guided tour of Reims Cathedral. Become an expert in Champagne by going to the source - the region of the same name!


A day in Paris devoted to Champagne

Oenosphère and the Bulles de Paris also offer you a Parisian excursion with the theme of Champagne! This time, mix your passion for Champagne with that of gastronomy and mouth-watering pleasures by discovering the best artisans of the capital, including wine merchants, pastry chefs, butchers, and market gardeners. After a Champagne lunch, you will benefit from cooking and oenology workshops, before having dinner in the prestigious restaurant Canard & Champagne; a complete gourmet itinerary! In the evening, you’ll return fulfilled and delighted to your comfortable room at the Hotel Les Bulles in Paris, an establishment entirely dedicated to the legendary beverage.