The return of Amélie Nothomb

The return of Amélie Nothomb

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Your Hotel Les Bulles de Paris is synonymous with that irresistible nectar that is the symbol of Paris and Parisian life; champagne. And which author writes most vividly and passionately about champagne? None other than the intriguing and unconventional international literary phenomenon that is the Belgian author Amélie Nothomb.


A new vintage: Thirst

The prolific Amélie Nothomb returns to enchant us with a new work, soberly called Soif (Thirst). We hesitate to call it a novel. As the author herself explains, she has invested this book with her experiences, her thoughts, and her life. In any case, the critics are unanimous in saying that it’s excellent; vintage Amélie, in fact. Why not enjoy this literary gem during your stay at the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris? With a glass of champagne at your elbow, of course...


Your Amélie Nothomb room

Amélie Nothomb did us the honour of accepting our invitation to decorate one of the rooms in our establishment. Book it and you can immerse yourself in the world of the renowned author. You will love the warm and shimmering colours, reminiscent of champagne, but also the bathroom with its elegant freestanding bathtub, open to the room. Then there’s the superb view of the roofs of Notre-Dame, which remains magical. Finally, to make the most of this exceptional room, why not opt for the little extras we can provide, such as a bottle of champagne and a selection of macarons, or massages and beauty treatments for one or two people...?

Celebrate in the most beautiful way the release of the new opus by Amélie Nothomb by reserving the room she designed in our Hotel Les Bulles de Paris. In a few clicks on our website or by contacting us directly by email or telephone, you can specify all the details of your stay.



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