Tutankhamun exhibition; the mysteries of the boy pharaoh revealed

Tutankhamun exhibition; the mysteries of the boy pharaoh revealed

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This is already the Parisian cultural event of the year and likely to remain so! Tutankhamun; the Treasure of the Pharaoh is truly outstanding in its beauty and the rarity of the exhibits as well as in its innovative features and record-breaking attendance. This essential exhibition runs until September 15th.


Tutankhamun’s fabulous treasures

The exhibition is entirely dedicated to the Pharaoh Tutankhamun and the wonders that were found in his tomb in 1922, most of which are being displayed outside Egypt for the final time. The finding of the young ruler’s relatively undisturbed tomb, rich in exceptional funerary material, has become an archaeological legend embellished by tales of an alleged curse. An astonishing and truly immersive staging gives visitors a fascinating insight into all aspects of the adventure, from the knowledge of Egyptian rituals painstakingly gathered by scientists to the dramatic discovery and opening of the tomb by Howard Carter.


Make the most of your visit

This extraordinary exhibition required an exceptional venue and has received one; the Grande Halle de la Villette, located in the north of Paris, is easily accessible by public transport. Stay at the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris when you visit the capital to see Tutankhamun; the Treasure of the Pharaoh and you can also enjoy the many attractions of the famous Latin Quarter. Take the opportunity to browse the shops of the district’s many booksellers and antique dealers before spending the evening in an authentic jazz club. You can also discover our hotel’s champagne tasting evenings hosted by our specialist oenologist.

The beauty and poignance of the artefacts that accompanied Tutankhamun on his journey to the afterlife promise a moving and exceptional experience. To make it complete, book your accommodation at the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris!


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