Where to find the best Yule logs in Paris

Where to find the best Yule logs in Paris

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They are a must at this special time of the year and are guaranteed to melt the resolve of the most strong willed of us... We speak, of course, of chocolate Yule logs, that essential item for the Christmas table. So, if you’re looking for an original and innovative Yule log that will bewitch your taste buds and those of your loved ones, let yourself be tempted by the creations of the finest chocolatiers and bakers in Paris, for a Christmas you’ll not soon forget.

Bring a touch of magic to your holiday season with Parisian Yule logs

Dalloyau, boldness and flavour!

A new creation for 2015 is the Lever de Rideau Yule log, blending flavours that tantalise and surprise. This exquisite item from the famed fine food purveyors combines chocolate with caramel and passion fruit. You’ll not soon forget this delicious and light dessert with exotic notes.

Jean-Paul Hévin, art and elegance on your table

Being unique mini-masterpieces catering for all tastes, these chocolate Yule log creations by Jean-Paul Hévin demonstrate perfectly the creativity and subtlety of this great chocolatier. Choose from his devilish Enfer (Infernal), saintly Divine, cosmic Interstellar or illustrated Street Art Yule logs, you’ll not be disappointed!

Gontran Cherrier, the master baker

If you are a lover of exotic fresh fruit flavours, the “Bûche Passion” will take you on a great gourmet journey! If you prefer chocolate, the “Bûche Façon Profiteroles” offers heaven on a plate, delicious and full of character.

Here in the heart of Paris you are perfectly located to find superb chocolate Yule logs that will form the grand climax of your Christmas dinner. Between bold creativity, unforgettable explosions of flavours, exotic charm and subtlety, you are sure to find your pleasure among the many and varied Yule logs available in Paris, the creations of superb and renowned master chefs.

Picture: Dalloyau yule log