Notre-Dame de Paris

3 minutes on foot – 1 minute by bike

The charming Hotel Les Bulles is a stone’s throw from the majestic Notre-Dame Cathedral. This iconic treasure of Paris is renowned throughout the world for its architectural beauty and rich history.

Located on the Île de la Cité, Notre-Dame is a Gothic masterpiece that fascinates millions of visitors each year. Just a 3-minute walk from our hotel, you will discover its imposing towers, its magnificent rose windows and its sculptures, which give it all its majesty.

On site, as you walk around the cathedral grounds, let the wonder caused by the large nave overwhelm you. The splendor of the stained glass windows and the beauty of the chapels leave many visitors speechless. Also admire the sculptures that adorn the portals and the gargoyles that watch over the roofs, like a silent call from the depths of French history.

Notre-Dame Cathedral has played a central role in the history of France by hosting many major events. The most famous historical moment in which Notre-Dame played a role is probably the French Revolution, during which it became a “Temple of Reason”. It will then serve as a wine warehouse, perhaps hosting champagne within its walls!

Although the cathedral was severely damaged by the tragic fire of 2019, its spirit and beauty remain intact. Restoration and reconstruction efforts revive its splendor and symbolic importance day by day. The inauguration of the spire was undoubtedly one of the most moving moments of this project. A beautiful testimony to the resilience of French cultural heritage!

Whether you are an architecture lover, a history buff or a simple aesthete, a visit to Notre-Dame represents an experience you will never forget, just a few hundred meters from the Hôtel Les Bulles!